A New Era for Wolves and People


A New Era for Wolves and People

Wolves hold an almost mythical status in the cultural history of Europe and North America. For hundreds of years, they have been the subject of fairy tales and other lore, embodying mystery, cunning, and sometimes threat. People are drawn to their beauty, intrigued by their behaviours. Yet for those who live in close proximity to wolves, coexistence is fraught with many serious issues.

Wolf management is an excellent model of human-nature interaction and the challenges that come along with it. A New Era for Wolves and People analyzes the crucial relationship between human ethics, attitudes, and policy and the management of wolf populations in Europe and North America. The contributors to this volume assert that these human dimensions affect wolf survival just as much, if not more, than the physical environment.

Contributors include recognized scientists and other wolf experts who introduce new and sometimes controversial findings. A New Era for Wolves and People includes colour photographs by David C. Olson and drawings by wildlife artist Susan Shimeld.

With Contributions By:

Ed Bangs
Alistair J. Bath
Marc Bekoff
Dean E. Beyer, Jr
Paolo Biucci
Juan Carlos Blanco
Luigi Boitani
Yolanda Cortes
John Erb
Camilla H. Fox
James H. Hammill
Mike Jimenez
Randle L. Jurewicz
Curt Mack
Steve Nadeau
Brian Roell
Carolyn Sime
Suzanne A. Stone
Denise Taylor
Timothy R. Van Deelen
David A. Weitz
Jane E. Wiedenhoeft
Adrian P Wydeven