Prodigal Daughter

A deep-seated questioning of her inherited religion resurfaces when Myrna Kostash chances upon the icon of St. Demetrius of Thessalonica. A historical, cultural and spiritual odyssey that begins in Edmonton, ranges around the Balkans, and plunges into a renewed vision of Byzantium in search of the Great Saint of the East delivers the author to an unexpected place—the threshold of her childhood church. An epic work of travel memoir, Prodigal Daughter sings with immediacy and depth, rewarding readers with a profound sense of an adventure they have lived. This book will appeal to readers interested in Ukrainian-Canadian culture, the Eastern Church, and medieval history, as well as to fans of Kostash's bold creative nonfiction.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Title Page 4
Copyright 5
Dedication 6
Epigraph 8
Contents 10
Part 1: Demetrius among the Slavs 12
Prologue 14
Byzantium on the Prairies 33
Hiking for Demetrius 41
Mother Thessaloniki 48
Miracle on the Ramparts 58
History is the Dogma of Scars 63
Demetrius among the Macedonians 73
Demetrius among the Serbs 92
Demetrius among the Bulgarians 105
Who is He Killing? 118
Letting Go 135
Lord, have Mercy 145
Return to Canada 148
Part 2: Demetrius in Byzantium 152
Interlude 153
Opening: The Mad Professor of Sirmium 162
Slavs in Byzantium 169
The Byzantine Saint 193
The Guardian Saint 223
The Passion of Demetrius 251
The Life and Death of St. Demetrius, a Young Man of Thessalonica, April 304 (Two Versions) 273
Epilogue 286
Acknowledgements 288
Notes 292
Bibliography and Recommended Reading 310
Index 326